The watchmaker's heart.

(not entirely translated in english; complete version (fr) here; and there to give a hand)

A dedication, hidden for hundred years
 in the work of 
A  stupefying discovery :  Ravel did not say much about himself, but, he  wrote it in his music !  Enter  the mystery by the fictitious door :
       Le Cygne de Ravel (novel, in French) .

or by the musical one :
The watchmaker's heart. (temporary  version)
Maurice Ravel

«One talks of my hardness of heart, he told Jacques de Zogheb, a neighbour at Montfort-l'Amaury.They're wrong. And you know it. But I'm Basque. The Basque have a violent sensibilty, but they litte confide, and only in few people.» (1)


"I never was so happy to live, and I definitely think that joy is much more fruitful than suffering. That's a belief amont others." (2)

Page 1 - The "Ravel-Mystery"

Page 2 - Points of view..

Page 3 -  " Nor do I blow my nose. "(I)

Page 4 - "Nor do I blow my nose " (II)

Page 5 - Ravel and love.

Page 6 -A secret dedication.

 Page 7 - The matching woman.

 Page 8 -Who did say ?

 Page 9 - The Bird of Paradise.

 Page 10 -E. A. Poe.

  Page 11 - Riddles.

  Page 12  - Words...

  Page 13 - Playing on words.

  Page 14 - The Sphinxes of the Carnaval...
  Page 15 - The most beautiful...

  Page 16 - A letter...


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I'm longing for contradictors. They can say what they think here.
As a practical exercice, I propose them two practical exercices :
1) The supposed liaison of Debussy and Camille Claudel.
2) The secret love of Beethoven for César Franck.

Illustrations :
(1)  Souvenirs Ravéliens, Jacques de Zogheb in Ravel, par quelques-uns de ses familiers, éditions du Tambourinaire 1939.
(2) Letter to Mme de Saint-Marceaux, written just after the cruise on  l'Aimée, in 1905.  Arbie Orenstein Maurice Ravel, Lettres, écrits, entretiens, Flammarion., p 78.
In this website, all quotations "AO" are refering to this most necessary book.

David Lamaze
Le Cygne de Ravel ~ Le Coeur de l'horloge