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The Watchmaker's heart.    
le coeur de l'horloge
Le Cygne de Ravel (novel in French) was revealing soon as September 2006 the existence of a hidden dedication in the music of Maurice Ravel.
Le Coeur de l'horloge  (in French) gives the biographical et musical analysis that are proving it. 

Available :

The Watchmaker's heart (first English version)

This will be a temporary version, due to the poor level of my English...
 I hope that the biographical and musical facts will not completely be masked by it (there are more than 200 musical examples that are readable by all musicians whatever language they speak)
For those who read French a little, Le Coeur de l'horloge is available and better written.

P.S. The choice to translate by myself my universitarian essay has been made because of my desire and pleasure to share my striking and thrilling discovery, but Paul Frankl, who kindly asked me to make an interview for BBC3 (In Tune, 28th March 2009, is also responsible for my not bothering too much about my faulty English...
Contributors are welcome to help me to improve this first version (as I'm self-published, I can not afford to pay a professionnal translation...).

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David Lamaze


David Lamaze
Le Cygne de Ravel ~ Le Coeur de l'horloge