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The Sphinxes of the Carnaval...(2)
Le coeur de l'horloge.
were dominos !

The Sphinxes' notes were musical letters. In Germany "S" means flat, but it can be heard "Es" = E + s = E flat.
Shpinxes résolus
The first Sphinx is made of Schumann's musical letters.
The other two were based on Asch, the town where Ernestine von Fricken, Schumann's first bride, was born

Besides the fact that one of the few pieces orchestrated by Ravel was this Carnaval, one must emphasize that  Schumann's gesture is very similar to Ravel's one :
- the transcription is used less to sign the work than to dedicate it to someone,
- the permutation is used (Valse noble),
- the pattern can be hidden in inner voices (Pierrot),
- it is often in the beginning but not always (Réplique),
- some occurencies are hidden by enharmonic writing (H written C flat in the Préambule).

David Lamaze
Le Cygne de Ravel ~ Le Coeur de l'horloge